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You can insult me but don’t involve my parents – Prophet Ogya


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Jan 19, 2024
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Prophet Jedidia Henry Kore, popularly known as Fire Oja, is no stranger to controversy in Ghana. Recently, he took to Facebook to express his disappointment with certain individuals who made disrespectful comments about his mother.

The reason behind these derogatory remarks was his decision to share the divine visions he received from God regarding the Black Stars’ performance at the tournament. While Prophet Ogya understands that criticism comes with the territory of being a man of God, he draws the line at disrespecting his parents.

He wrote, “Someone just insulted my mother all because a prophecy had come to pass and I didn’t do anything about it. Hmmm, the sad news is the same people will call you fake if the prophecy didn’t come to pass. Always insulting men of God”

“When a prophecy come to pass, they will insult you that if you are a good man of God, you should have PRAYED to God to cancel it. When you pray for God to redeem it,they will insult you and say you are fake, that is why YOUR prophecy didn’t come to pass. WHAT SHOULD WE DO? Pls note YOU CAN INSULT ME BUT DON’T INVOLVE MY PARENTS . 😔 😔 😟


@David Agodzi wrote:” Daddy even if your entire family is involved don’t worry, no matter how you are people will talk about you as far as you are a public figure. Secondly you are working for the kingdom of God not human being, God will speak for you.”

@Debrah Richard wrote:” Papa just forgive those idiot’s who know nothing about ministry. You doing such a wonderful job. I love you so much and will like to meet you one day.”

@World Prophet wrote:” If no one don’t believe in you as a Srn prophet i trust you as Srn prophet in Gods ministry We love you, Zion love you , Ghana 🇬🇭 love you , and world also love you Man of God , sleep ooo and Enjoy your happiness”

@Maame Esi Chelsea: “They will insult you that same people will come and ask you to pray for them,they don’t know that it’s a curse. May God have mercy”

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