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Who was Audrey Chawner? Lorraine Kelly’s Big Fat Challenge star dies at 73


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Jan 19, 2024
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At seventy-three years old, she sadly passed away, and in the wake of her death, many people want to know more about Audrey Chawner. In this report, we are going to delve into details of her life that you may not have known.

It is not uncommon for people to want to know more about some people when they lose their lives; this is not uncommon, as it has always happened. In this report, we will delve into the details of her death, who she was, and what her sad demise means to the people around her and those who knew her from afar.

Who Was Audrey Chawner?

When Emma Chawner on The X Factor received criticism from Simon Cowell in 2007, Audrey Chawner’s adventure in the world of reality TV officially began. The family gained notoriety on several reality shows despite their early misfortunes, exhibiting fortitude in the face of criticism from the general public.

Television performances by Audrey Chawner, such as The Jeremy Kyle Show (2015), The Chawner’s Last Chance (2010), and Lorraine Kelly’s Big Fat Challenge (2010), brought her prominence. She was also a cast member of Nightmare Neighbours in 2016 when the family dealt with more than 500 grievances from Manchester neighbors.

The Death of Audrey Chawner

At the age of 73, Audrey Chawner, a former reality TV actress most recognized for her roles on Lorraine Kelly’s Big Fat Challenge and The Jeremy Kyle Show, has passed away. Audrey passed away quietly in her sleep, according to her daughter Emma, who competed on The X Factor. Emma confirmed the news on social media.

Emma, Audrey’s daughter, shared the devastating news on social media, sharing images of her late mother and characterizing her as a “lovely lady” who loved laughing, animals, and television.

Emma gave her mother a heartfelt revelation when she said that she wished for Audrey to have died the same day as their dog. Now that Audrey Chawner and their beloved puppy are gone, the family must pay for Audrey’s burial, which is why Emma turned to the GoFundMe website to ask for help.

Emma mentioned her mother’s two favorite TV shows, Emmerdale and EastEnders, in a heartfelt moment, highlighting Audrey’s fondness for laughing and animals.

Emma resorted to social media for assistance after experiencing the emotional toll of losing her mother as well as the financial strain of planning the funeral.

With fans and well-wishers showering Audrey Chawner with condolences, her demise serves as a stark reminder of the damaging effects reality TV can have on people’s lives. The Chawner family successfully handled both successes and hardships in the face of public scrutiny, making a lasting impression on the reality television industry.

Emma and her family are finding comfort in Audrey’s life memories during this difficult time, and they want to honor Audrey Chawner’s memory with a proper send-off thanks to the kind thoughts and encouragement of everyone who watched their reality TV journey over the years.

Audrey Chawner Daughter Sets Up GoFundMe

Emma, the daughter of Audrey Chawner, resorted to social media for help after experiencing the financial strain of planning her mother’s burial in addition to the emotional toll of losing her mother.

She created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to make sure Audrey had a respectable sendoff. Emma acknowledged the difficulties of saying goodbye to a loved one and said she couldn’t afford to pay for anything herself, but she was grateful for everything.

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