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White Sapphire Vs Diamond: Everything You Need To Know


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Jan 19, 2024
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It isn’t easy to differentiate between white sapphire and diamond, as both are beautiful and durable. Therefore, individuals must have several queries, such as how to find the difference between sapphire and white diamond. Or What to choose, diamond vs. white sapphire? However these stones offer beautiful appearances, yet there are differences between them that everybody must know.

Every stone be it an amethyst or a zircon, own its natural beauty, which makes them different from each other. Most individuals pick these gemstones to get a spectacular piece of jewelry. Most people find diamonds more expensive than white sapphires. So, they might choose sapphire to get a beautiful piece of ring to gift someone very special.

Here, in this blog, we have discussed this fact in detail related to sapphire and diamonds given below. Please have a look.

What is White Sapphire?​

White sapphire is a colorless or white-looking gemstone related to the corundum mineral group. A red corundum is known as ruby, while a colorless corundum is referred to as sapphire. However, blue sapphire is the most valuable and expensive gemstone and a popular alternative to diamonds for engagement rings and other jewelry pieces.

Do white sapphires look like diamonds?​

No. That’s not true. White sapphire’s appearance is similar to silvery white grey, where a diamond sparkles like a rainbow along with the infusion of white color. It is so because the diamond is found with a high refractive index and dispersion. You must have played with the prisms in your childhood and seen a rainbow appearance reflecting out from it.
In the same way, a diamond returns a rainbow of glittering sparkles.

Moreover, the high refractive index makes a diamond shine even through dust, dirt, and oil.

In contrast, a white sapphire has a lower RI, indicating that people must follow regular cleaning procedures to keep it in great condition.

Sapphire vs Diamond: Which Should You Choose?​


Sapphire vs Diamond: Which Should You Choose?​

Compositionpurest form of corundum (aluminum oxide)single element carbon (C)
Coloryellow, orange, green, brown, purple, violet hues, and milky whiteyellow, brown, or gray to colorless
HardnessNine on the Mohs scaleTen on Mohs scale
Brillianceindex nω = 1.768–1.772
nε = 1.760–1.763,
birefringence 0.008
2.418 (at 500 nm)
Price$20 per carat to $1000 per caratTHB 29,793.82 per carat

White Sapphire Vs Diamond: Beauty And Brilliance​

A colorless sapphire is more stunning than a diamond. However, a white sapphire does not return fiery sparkle like a diamond. The fact that causes a major difference between them is their way of dispersion. When you pass the light of a particular wavelength through the diamond, you will witness the reflection of a beautiful rainbow in return.

On the other hand, white sapphire may appear dull compared to a diamond. So, a diamond returns a fiery sparkle light while the white sapphire emits a milky sparkle.

White Sapphire Vs Diamond: Durability And Density​

In terms of duality, white sapphires are more durable than diamonds. We know that diamonds are the toughest & sturdiest natural minerals. Therefore, they are less prone to scratches and blemishes. White sapphires are also known as the second hardest gemstone. Therefore, their durability is super high.

White Sapphire Vs Diamond: Clarity And Colour​

Diamonds are more beautiful than white sapphires if we consider their clarity & color. A transparent sapphire may offer a dazzling appearance but not like a diamond. While a diamond returns a colorful appearance, the white sapphire is restricted to return a milky appearance.

White Sapphire Vs Diamond: Value And Price.​

Sapphire vs. Diamond Cost:

The value and price are other important factors that make them differ. White sapphires are cheaper than other varieties of sapphire stones.

Out-of-blue sapphires, for example, the ones with the purest royal blue appearance, are valued the most. Colorless sapphires are considered less desirable. According to reliable sources, a white sapphire comes in high quality with a size of around six millimeters, and the price may be around $730.

In contrast, a diamond price may be $2900 or more.

Is sapphire rarer than a diamond?​

Sapphires are rare gemstones that a diamond but less rare than other gemstones like emeralds or rubies. For example, Padparadscha is one of the rarest varieties of sapphire. Its appearance is like a blend of pink and orange color shades.

However, sapphires are not found readily in nature but are less expensive than diamonds.

Though sapphires are rarer than diamonds, they are often a more inexpensive diamond choice. The brilliance, durability, and timelessness of diamonds keep them the more expensive of these two gems.

Which is more expensive, a sapphire or a diamond?​

Compared to White Sapphires, diamonds are too pricey. The stark price difference between white sapphire and diamond is one of the main factors influencing consumer choice. At any given carat size, white sapphires are unquestionably less expensive. The price of white sapphires ranges from $38.62 per carat to $772.48, whereas diamonds’ price depends entirely on quality.

The cost of a diamond stone varies according to its quality and can range from $1672.96 to $12871.9 per carat.

It is advised to purchase White Sapphire with industry-wide Gem Lab Certifications that determine the authenticity of the gemstones to ensure a fair purchase.

White Sapphire vs. Diamond: The Verdict​

Contrasting a white sapphire with a diamond is like contrasting an apple with a pineapple. Even though they have some things in similar, the comparison could be fairer.
However, a better understanding of the two gems is a good idea.

Moreover, diamond has a clear advantage over white sapphire regarding some points discussed above. White sapphire, on the other hand, isn’t far behind; in fact, it leads in terms of cost & size.

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