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When Not to Thrift: New Clothes on a Budget


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Jan 19, 2024
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Yes, yes, yes, even I’ll admit that some clothes you DO have to buy new. But, think carefully about what you really need and don’t loose your frugality! Don’t run out of time and force yourself to buy new. Don’t immediately assume that a specialty item must be purchased new–coats, party dresses, and jewelry can all be found used–I promise!

Here’s what Frugal Husband and I buy new:

  • Socks (for obvious reasons)

  • Underwear (for even more obvious reasons)

  • Performance shoes like hiking or running

  • Workout gear (mainly because it is hard to find used stuff that isn’t totally worn out)

  • Basics that cost less new than used (usually jeans, t-shirts, pj’s)

  • Bathing Suits (I’ve never seen one in a thrift store.

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