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What you can do with a Philips Digital Voice Tracer


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Jan 19, 2024
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Last week, we showcased what you should get on your holiday shopping list. Being the experts in voice tech, here are some use cases when you get your hands on the Philips Digital Voice Tracer: a nifty device.

Great Recording that is “out of this world”

Our devices have three high-fidelity microphones for best-in-class audio recording. These three microphones do three separate things: high signal-to-noise ratio, highly dynamic microphones to capture soft tones as well as loud drums, a high-quality microphone suspension to avoid pickup of grip noise. It’s so good that we hear our users report spooky stories.

It is good for ghost hunting. It picked up sounds and voices not heard by the human ear

Best Buy US customer

Now you can start recording the ghosts of Christmas past!

Cherish the Music You Love.

Whether this be music of your creations or someone else, our devices can capture music that captures audio in spectacular 24 bit/96 kHz. This uncompressed recording makes sure you capture every beat in the most natural and crisp audio quality possible. Hard to believe, let our customer share their success stories:

Got this recorder to help record music performance. It has great sound and clear to hear.

Best Buy US customer

Multi-purpose – the all-in-one package

Get amazing sound for your videos by using the VoiceTracer as an external sound source. Attach the audio recorder to the top of your camera using the included hot shoe mount and record video and audio simultaneously for ultimate results. Perfect for creating high-quality YouTube videos, for example. Our customer took a more creative approach and used this mount to capture 50 people in a meeting!

This recorder was purchased for use in Maintenance Homeowner Association board meetings for the purpose of recording the meeting to assist in developing the netting minutes. I installed the recorder on a tripod using the threaded tripod attachment on the back of the recorder. I adjusted the height of the recorder to about six feet. It captured all conversation in the room of about 50 people.

Best Buy US Customer

Lectures and Notes

Studying for school can be tough. Managing multiple deadlines, learning new concepts while memorizing old ones can be quite the challenge. What if our devices made students live easier? Say no more, our devices capture your recordings in MP3 format. The popular file format allows you to play back your files virtually anywhere and simply share them with others. Also, store up to 88 days of continuous recording thanks to the 8 GB of internal memory. A microSD memory card slot for up to 32 GB of additional memory guarantees virtually unlimited recording capacity. You can even connect the recorder with the Philips VoiceTracer app for instant sharing of your recordings.

My daughter uses this to record classes in college. it works great, clear voices and picks up even when teacher is walking around the room and turns back to her. pretty easy to transfer to her other devices so she can re-listen to classes on the go

A Father of a college student raved how much his daughter loved the digital voice tracer on Best Buy

Bring the joy this holiday season

Bring smiles and holiday cheer with the Philips Digital Voice Tracer. Your friends and loved ones will be sure to thank you for the gift they never knew they needed!
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