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What Makes A Good Exterminator?


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Jan 19, 2024
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The minute you discover you have an infestation of an unwanted pest, it may be tempting to call the first exterminator that pops up during your search. Unfortunately, not all exterminators or pest control companies are built the same. If you are looking for a good pest control company that will take care of your infestation the right way, the first time, rely on the experts at Bug Head Pest Control. Rated #1 on Yelp, Bug Head Pest Control is your trusted expert for pest control services in Lewisville, TX, and the surrounding areas. Don’t just take our word for it, research what customers are saying! During your search for pest control in Lewisville, TX keep these four attributes in mind, and reach out to us with any questions you may have!


Customizable Plans

A good exterminator or pest control company knows a one-solution approach to every job is not the correct way to go. Each infestation is entirely different from the last and has unique attributes, circumstances, and issues that deserve a customized solution. Experts, like Bug Head Pest Control, offer customized pest control plans. Whether you’re looking for a complete home pest control package, a one-time treatment option, or something in between, we’ll work to exceed your expectations—without a contract!


High Reputation

When searching through companies it may be easy to get lost in the services and prices they post on their website. While both of these items are critical to your decision-making process, one of the best ways to find a reputable pest control company is to check out client testimonials or reviews! Reviews give you a larger picture of what to expect if you decide to partner with a pest control company.


Pest Specialities

While a pest control company that takes care of every single pest problem may be appealing, oftentimes they are what people call a jack of all trades, but many people forget the second half of the saying meaning they are a master at none. The more specialized a pest control company is in your area, the more effective it will be!


Health & Safety

A good extermination company will have supplies that are potent to the pests, while safe for you, your family, and your pets. At Bug Head Pest Control, all of our products are carefully selected and properly used to ensure a safe environment for all (well except the pests!).

If you are looking for quality pest control in Lewisville, TX, and the surrounding areas, Bug Head Pest Control checks all of these boxes and more! With more than a decade of experience providing professional pest control services and solutions across the state, our team of qualified pest exterminators knows what it takes to get rid of pests the first time. Schedule with us today!

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