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What Is A Glass Filled Sapphire


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Jan 19, 2024
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The use of lead glass to carry out the process of ‘infilling’ in sapphires has become prevalent. It is performed at a shallow heat and with very gentle treatment while avoiding professional as well as household chemicals. This treatment, which enables to create glass filled sapphires improves clarity and colour. It also has the potential to add weight by filling the fissures and voids.

All about glass filled sapphires –

The treatment of sapphires to improve colour, clarity, and add value to the sapphires which have been mined straight out of the Earth is an extensive process that is carried out in recent years.

The process is simple, where a low-quality sapphire that has fissures and cracks that reach up to the surface of the sapphire is filled with a cobalt-rich form of glass. The cobalt is the element responsible for the blue colour in sapphires. They improve the quality of the stone as well.

Does it cause any effect on the sapphire or its value?

The sapphires are rare stones that are found on the surface of the Earth with several mineral constituents. This stone is, at times, infused with glass fillings that make the rock strong and more damage free. It is quite rare to find a sapphire with no prior treatments. The glass filled sapphirevalue does not reduce.

How does the pricing affect the buyers?

The foremost thing that matters is that buyers own a real and rare gemstone that is unique and beautiful, irrespective of treatments. However, the stones that are treated less are more precious and are more expensive than the ones that are treated. But it is not a cause of concern for them.

What are the benefits of infusing glass into the sapphires?

Sapphires have cracks and fissures, which is a natural occurrence in all the gemstones. Cobalt-doped lead glass is infused into the colourless sapphires that give them a new look. The benefits can be coined as follows:

The stone hardens:

The gemstone becomes stronger and extremely tough to break. The infusion helps to make the sapphires become brittle and hard and make them durable.

The look improves:

The appearance of the sapphires gets a new makeover. The infusion of cobalt-doped lead glass makes the sapphires look very strong and fuller. They fill up the fissures and cracks, making the stone appear complete and hefty at the same time.

The colour that attracts:

The best part of the glass filled sapphiresinfusion is the change of colours in them. The colourless sapphires are chosen frequently for glass infusion treatments. It makes them change their colours from transparent to a spectacular blue. The cobalt makes the muted stone go all bright dark blue. It lures the people and makes it an instant favourite.

The pricing factor:

The price of the infused sapphires is quite low compared to the ones without treatments. This is a bonus as it enables people to buy the sapphires easily without having to break a bank. The glass filled sapphire value remains unaltered and do not matter if the stone is treated or not. At the same time, people get to purchase these rare stones under affordable price tags.

The sapphires are unique and rare stones and get a substantial makeover when infused with glass. They are an all-time favourite of the people at large and make lovely stones for their jewellery.

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