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What Are The Rarest Gemstones Of 2019


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Jan 19, 2024
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More than 4000 types of minerals are found on Earth out of which there are plenty of them we will never come across in real life. Therarest gemstones found in the world in 2019 is based on trace impurities and bizarre mineral assemblage. Today, we want to talk about a list of incredible gemstones along with their mineralogy and origin.

Based on the refraction, optical characteristics, crystal structure, and chemical composition minerals are classified as gemstones. The degree of imperfections and classification in a birthstone or mineral determines its value.

Red Diamond –

The most beautiful and expensive gemstone that you will ever come across is the red diamond. Did you know that only a couple of red diamonds are available across the planet? All of them are less than a carat. The color of the diamond has got nothing to do with impurity. In reality, it is derived from the plastic deformation of a crystal lattice.

Tanzanite –

The mesmerizing blue hue of the zoisite mineral is rare and exceptionally stunning. It derives its name from Tanzanite because it can only be found near Mount Kilimanjaro which is in Tanzania. The popularity of this gemstone has been on the rise ever since its discovery in commercial quantities which was not until 1960. When tanzanite has been treated under high temperature the color of it improves, however, the ones that possess the natural, deep, vibrant blue color without undergoing any treatment is more expensive and rare.

Grandidierite –

This gemstone came into view in 1902 when they were discovered in Madagascar. It is an extremely rare gem and has a sky-rocketing high price. The bluish green color of this gemstone isdefinitely a favorite of all.

Opals –

Opals are known for their creamy white color. These gemstones are renowned for the presence of rainbow-colored inclusions which have the power to reflect light when the stone is moved. However, the black opals are rare and are only found in Australia particularly in New South Wales (Lightning Ridge Area). The gemstone valueincreases when the background is dark, and inclusions are bright.

Serendibite –

Another gemstone which is spectacular in every way imaginable and definitely falls under the category of being rare. Though it was discovered in Sri Lanka it can now be found in Myanmar ( Mogok area).

Diamond –

Who hasn’t heard of diamonds? The heart and soul of engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry. The chemical composition of diamond isn’t hard to understand. Diamonds are formed by pure carbon which is arranged in diamond lattice. This defines durability and incredible strength. It takes billions of years to form diamonds which is why they are rare and precious.

Alexandrite –

This gemstone was first discovered in Russia. The incredible color changing property of this gemstone – it transforms to ruby red when its dark and remains emerald under light is simply breathtaking.

These are some of the gemstones which possess incredible beauty and are very rare.

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