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The Uplifting And Grounding Energy Of Light Blue Gemstones


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Jan 19, 2024
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Research is the key when you are buying gemstones to know what you are actually getting. This post digs deep into blue gemstones, their varieties and where you can get them from!

Blue Gemstones

are valued by many people for a variety of reasons. For example, the sapphire is the gem birthstone for the month of September. It is associated with healing, patience, and loyalty. Their popularity has actually led them to be included in several sorts of jewelry. Using blue gems specifically engagement rings is popular among those who are seeking an alternative to typical ruby and diamonds. Most of the time, gems, like the sapphire or the stone opal, will certainly be available in a range of various shades, yet blue remains among the rarest as well as hold out stones in the color range. Several of the extra popular variations of Blue Gemstones include:

Lapis Lazuli

This especially unusual bluestone is mined in Afghanistan as well as the surrounding regions. Due to the specific religious beliefs, it is believed that the rock has the power to stimulate clarity and encourage creativity. The statement pieces crafted from the lapis lazuli is almost always in the form of pendants/lockets that rests near the throat or chest.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is among one of the most usual kinds of blue gemstones. It is mainly extracted in Texas, the United States; nevertheless, it can found at the other places in the world as well. According to belief, blue topaz is stated to assist an individual in meditation and in getting in touch with one’s spirit. It is a very soothing color and is excellent for the throat chakra, so individuals carry it around the neck.


As previously mentioned, sapphires are really available in a wide array of shades; however, blue is amongst the most prized possession. The various other attributes related to sapphires consist of spiritual fact, love, as well as pureness. It blesses the wearer with calmness and equanimity, mental clarity, clears confusion and the correct decision-making abilities.


It is most typically found near Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite is the blue type of zoisite, and also it can change colors when seen in various lights as well as at different angles. It stimulates the throat chakra and psychic abilities. It can be easily worn as earrings and pendant every day.


These are the most popular LIGHT BLUE GEMSTONE, uncovered within the last century. It can be extracted in the Dominican Republic. Because of its fragile nature, larimar that is made use of in precious jewelry is taken into consideration and cared effectively. Larimar blue gemstones are said to heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy.

Blue Sapphire

Of all the blue gemstones, blue sapphire is maybe thought about one of the most preferred and additionally the most stunning of all light blue gemstones. Blue Sapphire has actually got itself a highly regarded gemstone. It is likewise known for the fantastic sparkle and the fire that it displays. Likewise commemorated for its hardness, which is simply next to rubies, sapphire is a superb option for all types of jewelry. Blue Sapphires are believed to bring financial fortune as well as help in relieving mental anxiety.

Blue Ruby

It is very tough to think of ruby of any other shade than a blood-red colored gemstone, but after that rubies do show a large range of hues. Blue is one of the many prominent ones. Some other colors of rubies are yellow, brownish, pink, and black. Blue rubies are very unusual and hence, command high prices. Blue Rubies are associated with bringing a positive outlook, devotion, integrity, and enhances mental satisfaction.

Marches’ Birthstone

As a birthstone, light blue gemstones are usually put on by those born in the month of March.

Recovery Power Of Blue Gemstones

Blue gemstones are believed to have recovery properties as well as were lugged aboard old sailing ships as an amulet for a secure trip.

An Absolutely Attractive Stone

The fascinating feature of popular blue gemstones is their attractive hexagonal crystal structure that catches light easily. Unlike diamonds, light blue gemstones do not have the very same solidity, quality, making it slightly at risk to cracking, though not as conveniently as opals.

As mentioned above, Blue gemstones make an excellent present in the form of a ring or necklace or pendants. It’s truly a gorgeous gemstone, which is ideal for any type of celebration, be it an engagement, wedding, or valentines. You’re better half will certainly love you for it!

Where to Obtain Blue Gemstones?

GemsNGems offer a wide range of Blue Gems for Sale of different origins and different shapes and cuts. We have extensive pieces of gemstones of other varieties as well. For more information, you can mail us on [email protected] with your specifications, and we will help find that piece for you.

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