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TB Joshua proved before his death that Ajoke was not his biological daughter


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Jan 19, 2024
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In a recent online video, a surprising revelation has emerged regarding the late SCOAN leader, TB Joshua, and his supposed daughter, Ajoke. In the BBC investigative documentary, Ajoke accused the late pastor of subjecting her to constant abuse and torture.

According to TB Joshua’s disciples in the documentary, Ajoke was born outside of lawful marriage and was seen as a threat to the pastor’s reputation as a man of God. Ajoke claimed that she never received any fatherly affection from TB Joshua and that he forced her to become a disciple, ultimately ruining her life.

However, a new video circulating on social media presents a different perspective. In this video, the late pastor explains that he actually adopted Ajoke when she was abandoned as a baby in March 2000. He reported the incident to the police in Lagos and received permission to adopt her.

According to TB Joshua, Ajoke’s behavior became increasingly problematic over time. She engaged in fraudulent activities, theft, and even sexually harassed and drove away many of his disciples. TB Joshua reveals that he initially believed he could handle Ajoke’s case privately, but eventually felt it necessary to inform the church about her actions and their impact.

He said, “It is such a surprise thing, she has what we call influence on the people, and she doesn’t influence little people. She influences big people, people that matter to the extent that two months ago, I had to call the commissioner of police to trace her file and they brought her file to me and there was a letter in the file demanding that I should return her and I held on to the letter.”

“They too felt for me that I have given so much for her and that they should put her where she belongs. In a British school, there is a letter from the school which showed that this girl stole money. She agreed in the letter that she did it. Ajoke has been a terrible thing that the police said they want to take her back to the orphanage home and they had taken her name and photocopies of the documents but I said no.”

TB Joshua Warned About The Consequences Of Adoption

From the video, TB Joshua revealed that he would have had many adopted children if it weren’t for Ajoke. He then warned that these children can be highly perilous and unappreciative, regardless of how well you treat them. He went on to explain that Ajoke is currently causing chaos among his followers, citing an instance where a disciple called him from Ghana, claiming that Ajoke had ruined his life.

A document was presented, outlining Ajoke’s expressed desire to marry a disciple and engage in a sexual relationship, disregarding TB Joshua’s advice. As a result, the disciple ultimately left the church and returned to Ghana. TB Joshua said, “… but I warn you, they are very dangerous. They will never be grateful to whatever you do. Ajoke is now destroying the disciples here.”

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