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Six Things We Never Buy At The Grocery Store


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Jan 19, 2024
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Six Things We Never Buy At The Grocery Store

While on our customary jaunt to Market Basket (hat tip to our local discount grocer) last week, it struck me that today’s grocery store is presented as a one-stop shop. There’s food sure, but also a plethora of household accoutrements: toilet paper, spatulas, slip-n-slides*, diapers, dog chow, and everything in between.

*Sidenote: I wonder how Frugal Hound would do on a slip-n-slide…

But per usual in the frugal weirdo’s realm, with convenience comes danger. We all know we’re going to pay more for just about anything in the category of “time saving,” but it only occurred to me last week what insidious financial perils lurk in the aisles of your average supermarket.

Fear not, to stave off these lurid and deplorable supermarket wallet-killers, Mr. FW and I assembled the below list of things we never, ever buy at the grocery store.

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