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Prophet Ogya speaks after Kudus prophecy failed


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Jan 19, 2024
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Jedidiah Henry Kore, also known as Prophet Ogya, has revealed he is currently facing threats after his prediction regarding the outcome of the Egypt versus Ghana game in the 2023 AFCON turned out to be incorrect. Disturbingly, the highly respected spiritual leader has revealed that he is being pursued by unidentified individuals, thereby jeopardizing his life.

He said in an interview with Okay FM, “My life is in danger now for reasons I don’t even know. I was returning from a radio station and saw two men on a motorbike trailing me. They were wearing helmets so I couldn’t see their faces. They followed my car until we almost got to a police barrier before they disappeared.”

Prophet Ogya surprised everyone by making a bold prophecy before Thursday’s game, predicting that the Black Stars would suffer a humiliating defeat against Egypt’s Pharaohs. However, he also mentioned that he was fervently praying for divine intervention to change the outcome.

Interestingly, the prophet suggested that the only way Ghana’s national team could avoid this defeat was by wearing red jerseys. Despite the prophecy not coming true, the team managed to secure a draw against Egypt. This unexpected turn of events has led to criticism from some Ghanaians and football fans.

The prophet expressed his concern about being labeled as a fraud by certain individuals. As the final group games approach, the Black Stars must now focus on winning against Mozambique and hope for a positive outcome in the game between Egypt and Cape Verde.


Prophet Ogya had made a prediction before the Black Stars match against Egypt, that Kudus would not perform well. He claimed to have seen Kudus eating popcorn during the game, which he interpreted as a sign of impending disgrace.

However, Kudus’ actual performance on the field contradicted the prophet’s prediction. This led to a lot of criticism towards him on social media. In response to the backlash, Fire Ogya defended himself by saying that it was his divine intervention that enabled Kudus to perform well.

He insists that many of his other predictions, such as Egypt scoring an offside goal and his prayers for Ghana to secure a draw, actually came true. However, he is disappointed that people are not acknowledging these successes.

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