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Master Bedroom Makeover: Frugal Finishing Touches


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Jan 19, 2024
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Master Bedroom Makeover: Frugal Finishing Touches

After completing the biggies in the Frugal House master bedroom makeover: painting the walls, refinishing the gold mirrored closet doors, and refinishing my poor old jewelry chest, there were a few small, very inexpensive DIY projects that really polished off the room. These are what I call high impact, low budget projects–they make a huge difference in the overall appearance of the room, but they’re just not that expensive.​

First: a new light fixture. The existing fixture was a sorry case of the ’80s: round, gold, patterned glass–the works. In a word, atrocious. I found the new light on sale from Pottery Barn, which is usually way overpriced, but had a good sale going! I believe this was originally intended as an outdoor light, but, it works. The only danger is that it’s a bit low-hanging and Frugal Husband is a tall, tall man. We’ve only had a few incidents.

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