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Mark Rylance Children: How many kids does he have?


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Jan 19, 2024
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Mark Rylance is a popular English actor, playwright, and theatre director known for his roles on stage and screen has received numerous awards including an Academy Award, three BAFTA Awards, two Olivier Awards, and three Tony Awards. In 2016, he was included in the Time 100 list of the world’s most influential people. In 2017 he was made a knight by Queen Elizabeth II. Mark Rylance is married to Claire van Kampen. In this post, we will take a look at the children they have. How many kids does Mark Rylance have? Let’s find out more.

Rylance’s film appearances include Prospero’s Books (1991), Angels & Insects (1995), Institute Benjamenta (1996), Intimacy (2001) and The Other Boleyn Girl (2008). He attracted attention for his portrayal of Rudolf Abel in Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies (2015), for which he won the Academy Award and BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor.

Mark Rylance Biography

Rylance was born in Ashford, Kent, to English professors David and Anne Waters. He has an Irish grandmother. His two grandfathers were British prisoners of war held by the Japanese.

Osmond Skinner, his maternal grandpa, worked for the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank for many years as a banker. Skinner was recovering from a gunshot wound sustained during the Battle of Hong Kong when he saw the slaughter at St. Stephen’s College.

In 1962, Rylance’s parents immigrated to the United States. He initially settled in Connecticut before moving to Wisconsin in 1969, when he attended the University School of Milwaukee, where his parents were English teachers. In 1978, he went back to England.

Rylance’s brother Jonathan, a former sommelier at Chez Panisse, passed away, and his sister Susannah is a novelist and opera singer.

Mark Rylance Career

Since someone else registered with Equity had already taken Rylance’s given name, Mark Waters, he adopted the stage name Mark Rylance. He had his training with Hugh Cruttwell at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London from 1978 to 1980.

He also studied at the Chrysalis Theatre School in Balham, London, with Barbara and Peter Bridgmont. He secured his first paid position with the Glasgow Citizens’ Theatre in 1980. He played with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) in London and Stratford-upon-Avon in 1982 and 1983.

In 1988, Rylance performed as Hamlet for the RSC in a production directed by Ron Daniels that spent a year touring Britain and Ireland. Afterwards, Stratford-upon-Avon hosted the play. Throughout the next two years, Hamlet travelled to the US. “Phoebus’ Cart” was the theatre company that Rylance and Claire van Kampen, who would eventually become Mark Rylance’s wife, started in 1990. The Tempest was performed on the road by the troupe the next year.

Mark Rylance Children: How many kids does he have?

As mentioned earlier, Mark Rylance is married to Claire van Kampen. Claire van Kampen on the other hand is a director, composer, and playwright. She was born on November 3, 1953, in London, England.

They were married in Oxfordshire on 21 December 1989. Through this marriage, he became a stepfather to her two daughters from a previous marriage, actress Juliet Rylance and filmmaker Nataasha van Kampen. Nataasha unfortunately, died in July 2012 at the age of 28.

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