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Landlord Law Blog Roundup for December


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Jan 19, 2024
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Here are our Newsround posts for December.

Friday 1st December​

Landlord Law Newsround #319

Our first Newsround for December

Monday 4th December​

Three questions from a landlord about tenant issues

A question asked by a landlord via my Blog Clinic

Thursday 7th December​

Are letting agents obliged to disclose a landlord’s contact details to the tenant?

This was a question that was asked in my Blog Clinic by a tenant

Friday 8th December​

Landlord Law Newsround #320

Our weekly Newsround

Thursday 14 December​

An interview with Gary Leverett on housing issues

The first interview in my series with professionals in the private rented sector

Friday 15th December​

Landlord Law Newsround #321

Out last Newsround for 2023

Further Reading​

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