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Landlord Law Blog looks back at 2023


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Jan 19, 2024
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Christmas 2023
Another year is over, and as usual, we are going to be closing down the Landlord Law Blog over the holiday period.

So here are some of our best posts of the year to give you something to read until we are back again in the New Year.


At the start of the year, we looked at how landlords have to be careful when insulating their properties with our post landlords looking to insulate your properties? Heed this warning….

I also decided to update some of my old Urban Myths posts starting with the myth that a short let cannot be an AST.

In the Blog Clinic we looked at how a guarantor can be liable for rent and whether a tenant can end a fixed term early.


In February we refreshed our Lodger Landlord website with some helpful new forms for both England and Wales, and we continued our Urban Myths series on Tenants who stay on after the end of their fixed term are squatters.

For Welsh landlords, I wrote about the transition arrangements under the new Welsh legislation.


March sees us into the start of Spring and the very important court case of Rakusen v. Jepson was decided in the Supreme Court. Staying with the court system we ask Do you do eviction work Are you properly authorised?

I went off topic a bit with a rant about Asylum Seekers, refugees and the things no-one ever seems to mention. In the blog clinic we considered what to do about a landlord threatening to cut off services.


The question of tenants keeping pets is always a common one, and here I discuss what tenants’ rights are if they want to keep a pet.

There was a new Urban Myth post on something I have been asked quite a lot – can you can only increase rent once a year?.


As the Renters Reform Bill rumbles on I set out a few preliminary thoughts and also discuss if there are any solutions to the student issue.

In the Blog Clinic I answer a question from a landlord who asks what their options are for compensation if their lodger fails to vacate after a tenancy ends.


I consider how anti social tenants will be dealt with under the Renters Reform Bill and continue with my Urban Myth series – can you have a proper tenancy without a written agreement.

I also wonder if the legal rules permitting pets will mean more dangerous dogs?


The trend with e-bikes prompts and important post warning landlords of how the batteries can cause serious house fires, with advice on what landlords should do to try and mitigate this issue.

The Urban Myth series continues with a post discussing if serving a section 21 is always bad for tenants.

Blog clinic posts consider if a landlord can evict a tenant for not handing over one of her keys and the validity of a landlord’s section 21 notice.


This month I had one of our members contact me to ask if a compliance fee charged by their letting agent was consistent with the agent’s fiduciary duty. I warn about the outrageously high right-to rent- fines due to come into force in 2024.

Blog clinic questions include one from a tenant who asked if it was illegal to require tenants to pay rent if it is over six years overdue and from a tenant asking what they can do if there is no bed in the property.


We consider who is responsible for pests and the like in a rented property. I look at changes in the discrimination rules regarding ‘No DSS’ and ‘No Kids’ bans.

I explain why abolishing section 21 is not the solution to tenants’ problems. And we have a blog clinic questions about the section 13 procedure for increasing rent. Must it be done on the anniversary of the last increase.


I discuss what labour’s plans are likely to be for landlords and renters. And discuss what we can do about our dreadful housing problems.

I tell tenants they can have a pet if it is a hen or a rabbit.

Blog clinic posts include ‘Can my landlord use my deposit for something that was damaged when I moved in?‘. And whether these tenants are correct in saying they do not have a protected shorthold.

I launch our Landlord Law Blog Audios.


My series of Urban Myth’s continues where I ask if you have got to evict a tenant once the S21 notice has expired. And whether an HMO can be an HMO’s if all the tenants have signed the same tenancy agreement?

I am alerted to the issue of a ‘headlease’ prohibiting pets and what can you do about it. And I look at the continuing revolving door of government ministers.

In the Blog Clinic I look at the effect of tenancy agreement gifts of white goods to tenants and what tenants should do if they want to leave at the end of the fixed term.


I interview solicitor Gary Leverett of Cozens Hardy solicitors. Blog clinic posts look at whether letting agents are obliged to disclose their landlord’s contact details and answer three questions from a landlord.

And finally​

So that’s the year! If you want more, check out the various series we have on the blog here. If you would prefer to listen to posts, you can see all the Audio Posts here.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year and will be back in January with more posts.

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