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Lady gets shocking reply after reporting married man making move on her to his wife


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Jan 19, 2024
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A lady thought she was doing her fellow lady a favor by reporting her husband, who was making advances toward her but got a shocking reply she may not forget in her life.

It is not a secret in modern society that most married men aren’t entirely satisfied with their wives and therefore go out there making advances towards much younger and more vibrant ladies without their wives’ knowledge.

Interestingly, some of these young ladies, who do not want to suffer the same fate as their future husbands, make advances towards other ladies when they finally get married and gossip to the wives of the men proposing to them.

This was the same thing a lady identified as @TatyRAW on the X platform was trying to do when she decided to report a married man who was proposing to her to his wife but got a shocking response from her.

In an X post, @TatyRAW revealed she reached out to the wife of a man who was toasting her in her DM. It took days for the woman to reply to her and unlike other wives who would have reacted differently, the wife was rather impressed by her husband’s taste, which she described as the best so far.

The married woman was in high praise for the young lady who was reporting her husband to her and made it clear that her husband had cheated on her in the past but with ladies she wasn’t impressed with.

As if that is not surprising enough, the woman seems to have been further gushing over the lady’s beauty and went to the extent of proceeding to ask her out on a date to hang out together.

“So I wrote this man’s wife this morning (thinking Im doing a good deed) and I kid you not this is what she said to me 😭😂😂😂😂,” she wrote

She said in part, “U bad as fckkkk lol at least he got good taste now. The other women he’s interacted with or even cheated with in the past been SWAMP MONSTERS. You the FIRST one to come to me that I’m actually mad he couldnt keep shit a banddddd about cuz id fuck the hell out dik you.”


The woman’s reaction left the young lady in utmost shock, forcing her to believe that cheating was something the man had been doing long ago in his marriage.


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