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How To Tell The Differences Between Moissanite And Diamond


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Jan 19, 2024
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Moissanites are gemstones that are born from the stars and were first discovered by a French scientist. He mistook them for diamonds at the very first go but later on it was found out that they are particles of a gem that lay in a crater of a meteorite that crashed into the earth. Since then, no real Moissanitegemswere found, and hence, all those that are available in the market are humanmade.


Diamonds, on the other hand, arenatural gemstones and the hard rocks on the surface of the earth. They are precious and rare; the sparkly stone is known as a woman’s best friend as they are highly used in wedding rings and other pieces of jewellery. Due o their hardness and durability, diamonds are perfect for the daily wear.

How can we differentiate between the two gemstones?

Moissanite and diamonds are not similar to each other. They show varied differences when it comes to their physical and chemical features. They can be distinguished quite easily.

Color of the stones:

Moissanites are colorless, but they emit a yellowish tinge or a greyish one under certain lights. The larger the Moissanite, the more distinguishable the colour will be.

A diamond, on the other hand, has a colour that is purely transparent and does not emit any different tone apart from a bright glow. It has a dazzling white shiny appearance, and it looks classier than a Moissanite.

Price of the stones:

Moissanites are much lower in terms of cost than diamonds are. They are quite affordable and cheap than diamonds. People of all sectors of the society can afford a Moissanite, and they are fantastic replacements for diamonds. If people wish not to spend a bomb for the sparkling rock, they can quickly shift to Moissanites. Many choose Moissanite as the centre stone in their wedding rings in place of diamonds.

Diamonds hold a high demand in the jewellery sector of the market. This sparkling rock is a complete favourite of the public. However, due to their need, it yields a very high price that is not always affordable for people at all times. Many cannot buy diamonds even if they wish to due to the unaffordable price range. The rock is unique and classy which will never go out of style.

The durability of the two stones:

Moissanites score a 9.25 on the Mohs scale, which shows its high strength in adverse conditions. It is one of the hardest materials on the surface of the earth. It makes it quite suitable and wearable pm a daily basis.

Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. They are highly durable and score a perfect ten on the Mohs scale, which shows the situations and conditions it is capable of enduring. They are an ideal piece to wear every day without the fear of any wear and tear.

These are the main points that can be considered to distinguish the diamonds and Moissanites. Both of them are different from one another and make fantastic choices for a lovely piece.

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