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How Secure Is SpeechLive? Safer Than You Think


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Jan 19, 2024
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The State of Online Security

Security is the highest priority of many online users these days. In 2019, the Norton CyberSecurity Report stated that over 90 percent of global online users had at least one significant concern about data privacy. A November to December 2019 survey revealed that 47 percent of respondents were worried that their personal information would be exposed in a data breach and compromised by cyber criminals. An additional 40 percent of worldwide respondents stated discomfort about sensitive personal information being sold to third parties and used in decision-making processes without their consent. With data breaches happening here and there, it is no surprise that people feel this way.

Let’s look at how email and other cloud services compare to Philips SpeechLive in their security to give you an idea of how much security matters to us. We chose to compare against email and other cloud services because these would be common ways our customers have used to send and receive audio recordings and transcribed documents before considering Philips SpeechLive.

Email Security

Email is the least secure because hackers can attack it due to unencrypted data sent via an unencrypted connection.

A research collaboration from the University of Michigan, Google, and University of Illinois Urbana Champagne, measured over 700,000 mail servers; only 35% were configured for encryption. Many had loopholes so loose, it lets attackers reroute emails to their servers. Gmail is just as guilty in their security, up to 20% of all messages were attacked.

Email is not the right option for those who have medical dictations or legal depositions recorded on audio sent through this method.

Regular Cloud Security

Standard cloud storages are not dedicated to dictation and typically only use simple encryption during file upload but do not encrypt files when stored.

Many companies are hopping on to more third-party cloud services. Some of these services do not tailor their solutions to the customer and often create more headaches and risks that were unforeseen by the company. Encryption might even come at an extra cost, making companies choose between affordability and security.

Philips SpeechLive Security

Philips SpeechLive is made for professionals dealing with sensitive customer data and encryption is always running on Microsoft Azure Servers. We constantly update to meet the highest security standards to ensure our users’ audio recordings and transcribed documents are kept confidential. This is thanks to HTTPS protocol, which has automatic double encryption in real-time, server mirroring, and an automated backup. Working within one platform for dictation, transcription, speech to text, and collaboration with team members ensure that your data is securely kept and available at all times, whether recording, up- and downloading to the cloud.

You should always feel your data is secured online at all times, just like how our Lawyers and Health Care Practitioners trust our solutions for transcribing and dictating sensitive data for their clients and patients. We take your security with seriousness and utmost care. Want to have that encryption difference? Try ours for free for a limited time.
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