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How Can You Tell A Good Quality Sapphire


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Jan 19, 2024
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Times are changing and in the current modern world sapphires attract as much attention as diamonds. Several women end up choosing the breathtaking beauty of blue sapphires over diamonds when it comes to their engagement rings. There are several types of sapphires for you choose from, but the blue sapphire undoubtedly looks like a work of art and is extremely popular. Before you choose sapphires for their beauty and elegance, it is crucial to learn more about their properties. This will help you in the buying process and you will be able to pick a sapphire that possess all the qualities it should.

Buying loose sapphires or choosing a piece of jewelry that contains sapphire in it can become a very intimidating task and it is because of the kind of information that is circulating out in the real and virtual world. Try to remember these crucial points –

  1. The price of sapphires is affected by the 4 C’s – color, cut, carat, and clarity.
  2. The color of sapphires is very important and it isn’t similar to diamonds.
  3. You need to understand the properties of sapphires before you purchase them.

Though the four C’s stand true for sapphires, there are still crucial differences that one should remember. You should understand that the location and treatment of a sapphire play important roles here.

The color of the sapphire –

Sapphires are adorned for their beautiful blue hue. Sapphires come in every color – pink, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, and a combination of different colors. The best quality will only have one primary hue, i.e. blue. Sapphires with royal blue color is highly sought after.

Clarity of natural sapphiresor man-made sapphires –

It comes under the Type I category of gemstones. What does that mean? Fine graded and commercial sapphires should be free from imperfections or eye visible inclusions. The price of sapphires generally reduces with the increase in visible inclusions.

Treatment of a sapphire –

Anything that is done to sapphires apart from normal cutting comes under the category of treatment of sapphire. These are the common types of treatment –

  1. Heated – The traditional heat treatment
  2. Untreated
  3. Surface Diffusion
  4. Beryllium Treatment
  5. Fissure filling with Glass

Rare and the most expensive sapphires that are available will remain untreated. Cheaper sapphire stones will go through Beryllium treatment.

The cut of a sapphire –

Apart from inclusions, one of the most obvious characteristics of a sapphire happens to be the cut. The cut of the stone determines –

  1. Depth of color
  2. The apparent size
  3. Brilliance
  4. Overall feel

Carat or weight of a sapphire –

It has an impact on the Sapphire. It is very rare to find a large sapphire and it goes without mentioning it is very expensive. Sapphires the weight of 5 carats are regarded as rare whereas the ones above 15 carats are very rare.

In a majority of the cases, the origin of Sapphires doesn’t matter. However, if it is from Kashmir or Burma the price will increase. Keep these qualities of Sapphires in mind before you purchase one.

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