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Hike More, Spend Less: Our Tricks For Frugal Hiking


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Jan 19, 2024
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Hike More, Spend Less: Our Tricks For Frugal Hiking

It’s no secret Mr. Frugalwoods and I are hiking devotees. We’d hike every day (ok, maybe every other day) if we could and hey, we will once we live on our homestead of wooded land! But for the present moment, we’re relegated to hiking on the land of others, which is a wonderful experience all its own. After all, it’s unlikely we’ll ever “own” an actual mountain (although the thought has crossed our minds… ).

I’ve already bored you with touted the fact that we think hiking is the perfect frugal day. So now, I want to divulge our secrets for executing a perfectly frugal hike. Last Friday, Mr. FW and I took advantage of our pre-July 4th day off and drove out to the White Mountains of New Hampshire to scale Mt. Pierce and Mt. Eisenhower–two 4,000-footers in the Presidential Range. These peaks are in the same range as the venerable Mt.

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