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Fighting Back Against The Baby Industrial Complex


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Jan 19, 2024
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Fighting Back Against The Baby Industrial Complex

Expecting a baby, we’ve discovered, is an experience rife with the expectation of consumption. And not just any consumption–the newest, shiniest, safest, cutest, most top-of-the-line consumption. There’s a perception in our culture that babies are expensive as a rule and that new parents will shell out hundreds if not thousands in order to adequately prepare for bringing a life into this world. And wouldn’t any worthy parent spend any sum to ensure that their child is happy, healthy, and protected? Of course we would! But we don’t need to.

As extreme frugality enthusiasts who structure our lives to avoid the spending that’s so ingrained and accepted in our culture, it’s fascinating to sit in the marketing hot seat for the mother of all product lines: baby paraphernalia. Mr. Frugalwoods and I are a little over halfway through pregnancy with our baby girl (I’m 22 weeks along) and we’re navigating an entirely different path to parenthood–one that involves almost no spending at all.

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