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Blue Topaz: What Makes Topaz Blue


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Jan 19, 2024
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The topaz, also known as the gemstone for 7th, 11th, and 25th years of wedding, appears in an extensive array of colors but usually is yellow and can also be found in shades of blue like Blue Topaz and Sky Blue Topaz. The topaz got its name from the Sanskrit term tapas meaning “fire”. On the Mohs scale, the topaz comes an 8 which simply means diamonds and corundum are tougher than Topaz.
Moh’s hardness: 8
Chemical composition: Al2SiO4(F,OH)2
Refractive Index: 1.609-1.643
Reflective Index: 29-32
Dispersion: 0.0014(0.008)
Transparency: transparent to translucent

Topaz: History​

The specific discovery of topaz was never actually confirmed. As declared in the start it unless came from the Sanskrit or maybe greek. Archaeologists assume that the topaz found at the island was not true, rather, topaz but the gemstone called peridot.

The topaz has been acknowledged for its mystical properties. The Indians consider that the topaz stone can be used as a charm for strength, attention, wisdom, and avoid death.

Topaz: How blue Topaz is formed​

There are several different techniques for making this, but all of them basically involve strafe the Blue topaz with high energy radiation. This activates the color centers within the Blue Topaz gemstone, giving the magnificent blue shade that’s so beautiful. Once the color centers have been initiated, the gems need a heat method to ‘lock’ the hue in place. Scientists and gemologists can even watch the many variables of this method to accurately measure the fullness and richness of each blue topaz.

One common technique is named the London process. If you’ve ever looked London blue topaz jewellery, that is where their gemstones come from. This method involves putting the topaz in a nuclear reactor. Rather than light radiation, the topaz is put following pressure neutrons preferably. This gives an even more vibrant blue color which appears completely bright. Some cons of this process, however, is that the gems required to place still for nearly half a year before they’re no extended dangerous. The nuclear regulatory commission (NRC) makes assurance of that, so they’re 100% sound.

Because it’s such a controlled process, blue topaz gemstone rings can be trusted to achieve amazing colors every time. As the cost of such techniques lessens over time, these jewellery have become frequently affordable, as in you can get a bright sky blue topaz jewelry no concern what your funds are.

Topaz: Treatment and Care​

As said, the blue topaz stone is a very well-known gemstone but because it is very seldomly encountered many methods have been used to extract them. This is the logic for the slump in current years of blue topaz. Here are some following steps people have managed to improved the quality of the topaz stone.

Temperature: This is a traditional style employed in most gemstones. Blue Topaz gemstone has been heat-treated to enhance tone for decades, perhaps even ages. This technique has been managed regularly to create blue topaz stone, pink and red topaz stone, which are prevalent.

Reflection: Irradiating topaz was a procedure that was discovered several years ago to create the blue topaz stone. Approximately all of the blue topaz in the shops now has been illuminated in this style. In Europe, the procedure is questionable and about to getting outlawed because of the potential residual radioactivity of the blue Topaz gemstones.

Diffusion: Another way of enhancing the tone of topaz stone required coating the transparent topaz stone with a special element and then heating it at very high warmth. Particularly the outside layer of the topaz stone is changed while the center remains neutral (you would not be able to guess until it cuts into half). This is a comparatively reliable treatment.

Coating: Some topaz stones like sky blue topaz are dressed by a thin layer of metal or mineral elements and later stored in a vacuum. This method creates sky blue topaz that is an extensive variety of bright, eye-catching shades. They are termed “Mystic Topaz“, and fresh words are invented every other week.

Synthetics: Synthetic topaz is not very popular in the market because natural topaz is so convenient. In fact, synthetic topaz can be seen at the equivalent value if not more valuable than natural topaz. Most goldsmiths will tell whether it is synthetic or not.

Imitation: Topaz is duplicated by quartz (citrine) and glass. It can be detected from certain by a scratch test since topaz is stronger than both of these substances. If you brush a piece of quartz against a topaz, the quartz will get scratch but the topaz will remain the same.
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