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Birthstones And Their Importance In The Lives Of People


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Jan 19, 2024
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Do birthstones exist?

Sages and astrologers have always been inclined towards their subject, convincing the world of the miraculous powers of birthstones.

What are birthstones powerful?

According to the beliefs, the different birthstones possess powers that suit different people of varying star and sun signs. Some people follow the theory ardently while others defy the very existence of the supernatural powers of birthstones, contradicting it with the opinions of scientific knowledge.

The different types of birthstones:

According to the 12 zodiac signs, people are recommended to adorn different birthstones. The different birthstones by monthare as follows:

January- Garnet:

Garnet is the birthstone for the people who are born in January. Supposed to ensure safety during journeys and voyages. It is a symbol of health and is adorned to bring back peace and passion in a relationship.

February- amethyst:

This is a stone for those born in February. This stone keeps the owner away from the state of drunkenness. It soothes the mind and shows consistency in maintaining peace and bliss.

March- aquamarine:

These gemstones supposedly cure the diseases of the heart, liver and stomach. Owing to the origin of the name, sailors believed that this stone would protect them from dangers in the ocean.


Lucky are those born in April for their birthstone is the sparkling rock. Diamonds are the highestin terms of birthstones value. They ensure the passion and everlasting love in relationships andhelp you gather courage.

May- emerald:

Equipped with the powers to ensure fertility, rebirth and love, this stone for those born in May. This stone also incorporates wisdom, patience and growth in a person.


This stone engages people in pure bliss and fidelity. Making the in free and garnering peace and serenity are the powers of this stone according to the myths.


The fiery red stone is the one for the ones born in July. It is adorned to keep one off from the eyes of the evil. The negative energies are diminished, protecting its owner from the bad vibes.


A Peridot symbolizes immense strength and is recommended to people who are weak or losing the will power. It keeps the nightmares away, ensuring peace in life.


Believed to protect people from poisoning and the evil eye, sapphire is omnipotence of wisdom and purity. It prevents the negative thoughts from hampering a good life.


The stone makes one faithful and confident. People facing problems in relationships are often recommended to wear this stone to bring back integrity and peace.


A stone of love and affection, this stone is the one for the people of November. This one strengthens the mind and the willpower of the owner and improves the intellect.


Turquoise is a charmstone of love. It, when adorned, is supposed to bring good fortune and success and relax the mind of unwanted thoughts

Birthstones exist and have powers. However, it depends upon the owner is they will accept or deny the fact and listen to their astrologers.

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