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Amethyst Birthstone: Discover The Power And Transform Your Life


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Jan 19, 2024
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Amethyst has been highly praised for its mythical powers of soothing the mind & soul. It is popularly regarded worldwide as the stone for February’s birthday. If the purple midsts of an Amethyst imbue you with health & wellness, it is testimony to the stone’s enormous power. The ancient Greeks believed that Amethyst proposed the wearer with the endowment and protected them against darkness and overindulgence of alcohol. To this particular day, Amethyst is indicative of the resist habit-forming behaviors.


Amethyst’s birth month is February. It is a cost-effective stone readily available in a range of Amethyst birthstone colors ranging from lavender to reddish or deep purple and is really extensively used as jewelry. The affordability and the versatility of light Amethyst stones make it an optimal February birthstone jewelry present.

Purple is the birthstone for Aquarius and is a popular wedding anniversary gemstone for the fourth and sixth year of marriage.


According to an old Greek myth, purple has long been the shade of aristocracy. Because of this, Purple has actually constantly been hugely popular throughout history. The British Crown jewels and the Egyptian royalty likewise favor light Amethyst stone.

The ancient emperors commonly colored their garments in purple as well as since purple dye was limited as well as expensive back then, it was booked only for royalty. Amethyst likewise has significance in religious themes; it is utilized to adorn churches, crosses, rings, and rosaries.


Amethyst is considered more valuable than rubies because of the powers it possesses. If you present a purple to a person, it symbolizes the security and power to conquer any type of complications that might occur in a person’s life.

It is likewise said to possess the power to enhance the bond between lovers, so it is an ideal choice for anniversaries and engagements. The Amethyst birthstone color ‘purple’ is believed to bring wonderful desires, deep rest and safeguards against poison. It is commonly used in meditation and recovery.

Purple is stated to loosen up and relax the mind, alleviate headaches and open the mind to spirituality. It also brings the best of luck in battle as well as advertises trust and friendship.


Amethyst birthstone color ‘Purple’ is very popular in jewelry. They are used in necklaces, rings, armbands, pendants, earrings and many more.

Brilliant purple Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February and marked for fourth, sixth and seventeenth wedding anniversary. Zodiac sign of February is Aquarius. The February born will discover the sincerity and the power to transform lives if they wear Amethyst.

Words amethyst is a by-product of the Greek word ‘Amethystos’ indicates ‘not intoxicated’. The Greeks believed if they drank out of a vessel made from the stone they would not end up being intoxicated. The belief has been linked to the mythical story of Amethysts.

February Birthstone Amethyst is a sort of Quartz. Quartz can be located in many shades including the light Amethyst stone known as purple. These crystals are mostly composed of silicon-di-oxide which is among one of the most substantial compounds we use in daily life. It can generate electro-magnetic energy when subdued properly and stress is applied. Visualize what this essential crystal can do for the human body and mind.

Purple is the stone most correlated with the mind. It is acknowledged by therapists to relieve emotional concerns. It can enhance feelings of absent-mindedness, mediate the emotional highs and lows, and can boost memory and motivation.

It is stated that the user of February Birthstone Amethyst stone can be healed from many health conditions consisting of sleep problems, belly pains, as well as respiratory troubles. They are suggested to put on the crystal around the heart and throat. It can additionally be utilized to soothe migraine headaches just by being around the crystal, even for a short time period. Focus and creative thinking can be improved as well as productivity can be enhanced. Try placing a crystal around a work station to promote well being on the work.

Amethyst is the marked birthstone for the month of February. It is likewise the rock connected with the astrological indicator of Aquarius. If you are celebrating your 4th or 6th wedding event anniversary, try a pair of amethyst jewelry, ring, or necklace.

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