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AFCON23: Mathematics calculation of how Ghana can qualify from Group B After Egypt draw


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Jan 19, 2024
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Following the Black Stars of Ghana’s draw against the Pharaohs of Egypt in their second game at the 2023 African Cup of Nations (AFCON), Ghanaians have taken to social media to share their calculations and predictions on how the team can secure a spot in the knockout stage.

With Group B consisting of Cape Verde, Egypt, Mozambique, and Ghana, the competition is fierce, and fans are fervently analyzing the possible outcomes of the remaining matches to determine the Black Stars’ fate.

As of now, Cape Verde leads Group B with 3 points, while Ghana secured a draw against Egypt. Mozambique, on the other hand, is yet to register any points.

The permutations for Ghana to advance to the next stage have become the subject of discussions both online and offline.

Social media platforms are flooded with fans sharing their calculations and theories on how Ghana can secure the coveted second spot in the group.

The draw against Egypt has left many hopeful, and fans are now looking ahead to the upcoming matches involving Cape Verde, Mozambique, and the potential scenarios that could unfold.

Cape Verde is scheduled to play their second game against Mozambique on January 19, 2024. Ghanaians are closely watching this match as the outcome will play a crucial role in determining the Black Stars’ standing in the group.

The calculations and predictions made by fans were even discussed on TV’s New Day, highlighting the intensity of the football fever gripping the nation.

Analysts on the show delved into the potential scenarios that could see Ghana clinch the second spot in Group B.


Ghana Black Stars Will Lose Next Match And Come Home Because of Insulting Me- Prophet Speaks


Rev. Jedidia Henry Kore aka Prophet Oja seems not to be happy with Ghanaians and as a result, has made a new negative prophecy.

The prophet prior to Ghana’s match with Egypt prophesied that “If Kudus plays in the AFCON matches, he will be disgraced. In the spiritual realm, I saw him chewing popcorn on the pitch, and you need to be a prophet to understand the things I am saying.”.

Even though his first prophecy on Ghana’s first match came to pass which got him some praises, the second one did not come to pass.

Kudus, who prophet Oja said would be disgraced because he saw him chewing popcorn on the field was rather the one who saved Ghana Black Stars.

Following this, Ghanaians have heavily descended on him with many labelling him a fake man of God who does things for his own gluttony.

Some went as far as using unprintable insults on the woman that gave birth to the prophet.

In response to this, the man of God has said that Ghana Black Stars will have no option than to lose their next match and come home.

According to him, his is a spiritual person and for Ghanaians to insult him and his mother, he will not pray for Ghana to win their next match.

The man of God claims portion of the video was only cut because after saying that he saw Kudus chewing popcorn on the field, he added that he will pray for him.

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