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Actor Vincent McCauley Was A Gay- Nana Tornado Alleges


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Jan 19, 2024
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In the wake of Vincent McCauley’s death, Nana Tornado, while paying tribute to the late Things We Do For Love star, dropped a cryptic message that has succeeded in buzzing the internet.

According to Nana Tornado, the late actor, who happened to be his pal personally told him that he was gay but kept it hidden.

Tornado claims the late actor told him that society wouldn’t let him let people know that he was a gay

“I just don’t wanna believe this OMG. Vincent my good friend, you were never able to be yourself as you always tell me because of society’s view. RIP my good friend. Be yourself, everyone else is already taken,” he wrote.

Even though Tornado did not go straight to the point, social media users have concluded that he is trying to say that the late actor was gay.

“Meaning he was gay too and he couldn’t be himself because of society. oh kafra,” one netizen said.

Another wrote: “I wonder for him, cos who didn’t know,”

Real Cause of Actor Vincent McCauley’s Death Revealed


Veteran Ghanaian actor Vincent Mccauley died yesterday, December 18, 2024.

While Black Stars was playing against Egypt, reports were circulating on social media that the legendary actor had kicked the bucket. Per the pieces of information we have gathered, the actor died as a result of a brain tumour.

Per the report, the actor had been battling with his life for some time now, and he even found it extremely difficult to get out of his car. The report added that the actor could barely walk because of his sickness.

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