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4 Safe Pest Control Options for You and Your Pets


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Jan 19, 2024
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So you’re browsing our pest library one night and realize you’ve seen quite a few of the pests in our catalog around your home. Before you reach for that poisonous spray, consider how your family, children, and even pets will react to the chemicals in that bottle!

Natural pest removers such as peppermint oil, vinegar, and even banana peels saw use for centuries before commercial chemical products hit shelves. If you’re looking for a family and pet-safe pest control option, read on to learn more about safe pest control options! Or, If you’re in Richardson, Texas and you’ve got pests, contact us today to get set up with a professional pest removal service that has years of experience.

Infographic - 4 Safe Pest Control Options For You And Your Pets

person holding essential oil spray

Essential Oil Sprays

Are essential oils going to cure all of your health woes? Not likely. But since they’re comprised of extremely concentrated oils derived from natural substances like tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, or mint, they make excellent pest control options. You can spray essential oils like a mist, or soak cotton balls in the oils and leave them near nests or entryways to deter rodents and insects.

flies in a bottle

Natural Fly Traps

Before you get out the sticky fly trap tape, get some dish soap and white vinegar! Mixing a few drops of white vinegar in with some dish soap in a small bowl or jar creates a natural fly trap that draws flies in, and keeps them stuck!

citronella candle


Citronella is a naturally-occurring, lemony-smelling scent that is well-known for warding off mosquitos outside. But did you know you can also use Citronella inside too? Burning a citronella scented candle indoors can deter insects, not just mosquitos!

happy thumbs up exterminator

Bug Head Pest Control

Since 2010, Bug Head Pest Control has served the city of Richardson’s pest control needs with professionalism, excellent service, and unparalleled reliability. Bug Head Pest Control is family-owned and operated, and we’re proud to offer a re-treat, free of charge if we don’t take care of your problem the first time!

Contact us today at Bug Head Pest Control, and experience the difference 10 plus years of experience makes in your home.

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