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Usher gets to work as Holy Spirit comes upon church member


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Jan 19, 2024
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An usher stepped in to help a congregant who was visibly moved by the Holy Spirit during a church service, prompting hilarious reactions online.

All members of the church were captured in the video Kabashing and praying intensively during the service but a lady seemed to be engrossed by the Holy Spirit and she began to move out of control.

Usher gets to work as Holy Spirit comes upon church member

A male usher intervened, holding her from behind and smiling as they paced back and forth, following the spirit’s lead.

His expression sparked reactions online, with viewers questioning the absence of female ushers.

Read some reactions below​

Royalty stated: “Weyrey Just dey excited at the juggling

Abgbabiaka said: “Lmao why can’t a lady usher hold her?? The guy is enjoying the spirit movements”

Mr. Anu asked: “Isn’t female ushers supposed to attend to female members under the anointing?”

Omotayo Olokede queried: “Where are the female ushers? This is so wrong”

Abiodun Bello said: “Africans has turned Christianity into a joke”

Royal_1 said: “Look at the other one doing leg work at the far corner

NsiSong said: “This looks more choreographed than spiritual, like both d dude and spirit practiced these moves

CELESTIAL BRAIN said: “The Holy Spirit doing wonders even on the usher, very interesting.”


The moment the Holy Spirit came upon a church member

Ushers dey try abeg, their work requires so much strength pic.twitter.com/ZT04X1XveH

— Dami’ Adenuga (@DAMIADENUGA) June 16, 2024

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